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The first Namazu-e-shirt is sold!

UPDATE: This article is unfortunally outdated, this shop doesn’t exist any longer, not even online, the link is dead.

Tobias Pusch from the shirt print shop ANALOGWERK in Augsburg liked the idea and offers now Namazu shirts & bags & buttons for the material costs + donation to „Stadtbergen hilft“, the first shirt is sold already. Wanna see? The webshop is open 24/7.

Japan made in Germany

Tobi with the very first Namazu shirt

A Namazu bag? Sooo kawaii!

Herro Mr. customer-san!

Looky-looky, adopt a catfish today!

But wait, there’s more, Tobi gave 10 shirts for a Fukushima benefit tombola in Stadtbergen, too. Some media coverage will follow…


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