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A happy moment…

…is just a moment. This blog here works better and better, the stats are really promising. The new, most primitive teaser on YouTube is far from being a meme, but it works rather good, too. In the next moment, Namazu strikes again. Not the right place, the greedy people (which he hates so much) are elsewhere this time, there is a most ugly rumor about Mama Monster zipping through the web. Do I belive this? Sad, but true, charity is a biz today. Most of the celebs are not interested in the subject, it’s doing good and talking about, no matter what, promotion rules. That’s more or less O.K., but making profit in cash from a benefit performance is another story. Bad romance, so to say. That’s why I offer something for an optional donation. Now I fear a real success. If or when Namazu becomes really popular, some baby monsters will come out from under their stones and try to steal the cake we bake for Japan. Be warned and see what Namazu does to these:

Namazu shakes a greedy man until he pukes coins


Über twixraider

Raider heißt jetzt Twix… sonst ändert sich nix, ich suche immer noch einen Job als Scherzkeks.

2 Antworten zu “A happy moment…

  1. revphil

    eat rich, puke profits!

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