You derserve a little reward for all the visits last week and especially yesterday, maybe it will generate feedback, too. Sit back and enjoy a really  awesome Japanese music video featuring a fishheaded dancing demon: Advertisements

The man behind the fish

Who I am? Well, that’s me with the prototype:

The man behind the fish

 The face? But there is a face, the one that really needs promotion. What would a mugshot of me be good for? I’m not one of this leathery, attention addicted Charity ladies which just want to see their faces in the media.  Sometimes a step back is a step forward… see, I’m a smartass, this is all personal information you need. Who wants an interview, 3 words or less?

PS: Yesterday the site stats reached a new record: 48 visits! Sounds poor, but the subject is as unsexy as the mascot exotic. And there’s not much help with the propaganda yet, I still work hard for each visitor.

Some Nintendo kids are allright…

…and do actually cultural research beyond Pokémon & Co.. For example, Namine wishes to share her very own Namazu-e with her fellow citizens and others whom it may concern:

And she wrote even an exclusive statement for this blog, too, this isn’t just a repost: