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A Japanese quilt

Elvira, the Quiltoma from B. in Germany

Well, the target audience of Namazu is the generation facebook (a place which I avoid because it’s so random). In other words: Younglings of both sexes which do not think or care much about the real life of others and need a fancy stimulus for benefit. Epic marketing fail? The first fashion victim was a female adult, the latest is what polite (not political correct!) people call a mature lady with a thing for needlework. Is it a question of taste? Is the design that oldschool? No, it isn’t, the concept of being proactive is just more adult (and female). Furthermore, Elvira was always interested in politics and social issues. And she still is. Ergo she is young at heart and gives the target audience a good example. Her hobby of sewing quilts seems to be square, but it is a symbol for her state of mind and the idea behind Namazu: Give a little, be part of something big. Share your ressources or be creative, everything is patchwork. Sounds pathetic, but this is the world formula. And not hitting the „Like!“ button a bazillions times a day… don’t look for it, there is none!


Über twixraider

Raider heißt jetzt Twix… sonst ändert sich nix, ich suche immer noch einen Job als Scherzkeks.

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