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Some Nintendo kids are allright…

…and do actually cultural research beyond Pokémon & Co.. For example, Namine wishes to share her very own Namazu-e with her fellow citizens and others whom it may concern:

And she wrote even an exclusive statement for this blog, too, this isn’t just a repost:

„The 9.0 magnitude Tōhoku earthquake of March 11 was a major disaster, and although Japan is on the road to recovery, it will still take time and effort to restore the destroyed communities to their previous state and support the families of the 15,641 people who were killed in the disaster. You can donate at American Red Cross and many other places. And if you can’t donate with money, then draw a picture, take a photo, or any form of artwork you wish based on Japan, and it may be recognized as something special. (Note: Feedback for this blog should be related to Namazu)

I saw the post about these earthquake catfish (地震鯰) on Pink Tentacle and I knew I wanted to draw one being slain as a reminder that Japan is still recovering from March 11th’s tsunami/earthquake. I also think that the namazu can be used now just as it was used back then; as a source of humor in sad times. Lets hope the trend of the Namazu spreads!“

Well, an artwork and/or a statement from a popular, famous artist would lure more visitors, but I like this one more. Because it’s 100% self-promotion free, Namine just cares. And I didn’t have to beg, she did react on a simple suggestion. That’s one small step for you… one… giant leap for this blog.

Über twixraider

Raider heißt jetzt Twix… sonst ändert sich nix, ich suche immer noch einen Job als Scherzkeks.

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