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You derserve a little reward for all the visits last week and especially yesterday, maybe it will generate feedback, too. Sit back and enjoy a really  awesome Japanese music video featuring a fishheaded dancing demon:

Well, she’s not half Namazu. Namazu and his half-human form Namazumen are always male. Don’t ask me why, but most of the demons and monsters in Japanese mytholgy are monosex. It’s a Koi. And she reminds (me at least) rather to another fictitious fishy person, General Ackbar:

Aren’t aliens the new demons? Now taker a closer look at the design of this race called Mon Calamari, it’s head seems like a crossbreed of a Koi and a Catfish:

Okay, the eyes and the occiput remind somehow to Calamari (does anybody say „Zoidberg“?), but the impression as one is more like a real fish. In art, the Japanese do often emphase the not-so-bulky eyes of the Koi, so it could be one. And yes, other fish species have whiskers, too, but not that many in that order. That’s a privilege of the inhabitants of Planet Catfish. Now take a look at the mask the most spaced-out Danish artist Eske Kath made for his Namazu performance:

Here are some more photos, artworks and a description of the performance. I don’t know which came first, the song by Oh Land or the project, even there’s an overpainted photo. But it doesn’t matter, too. It made a happy end for a most twisted blog, a real space oddity…


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