Namazu Bavariae

If you didn’t came here by chance, you know about Namazu. Nearly the same myth (giant catfish punishes sinners with earthquakes) exist here in Bavaria (please use Google translate). Tell me, what are the odds for that? Is there a secret connection between Japan and Bavaria? Now it’s getting really strange, the people from the Walchensee went every year on Weiterlesen

Optional is an option

What’s better than a t-shirt? Music. I found this rocking benefit best seller, feat. 50 (!) artists/bands with or without famous names:

More information about that real benefit performace (the promotion for the artists/bands is most discreet) and how to buy it here. The bonus album with 34 (!) new tracks is free, but if you dare to name your price with „0“… well, Namazu will rock you!

German Angst

Today I have something for my fellow citizens, a German book about 3/11 and especially Fukushima. If you are interested anyway, please use Google translate. Wo ist sie hin, die German Atom Angst vom März? Ist sie einer höheren Vernunft gewichen? Hat man sich nachträglich besser informiert? Weiterlesen

Did you copy that?

I’ve made something Namazu again myself, I used this German (!) generator for this „East meets West“ piece:

Eriko Namazuman

Eriko Namazuman from Sotaparko (Kororado Prefecture) loves Sushi and Karaoke. Most famous quote: "Screw you Kashima, I'm gonna rock!"

What are the odds, there was an earthquake in Germantown on Friday, here a report. Here’s another one, more realistic than optimistic. A earthquake is rather rare in Virginia, a magnitude 5.8 at least. Weiterlesen