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Easy come, uneasy go

Yesterday I’ve announced that there’ll be an interview on TV (check this link, I’m not in the mood to repeat everything). What are the odds, they chanceled my and Tobi’s shooting last minute. Why? Because time is money shot. Our deputy major told the reporter last minute that he will hand out Fukushima donation boxes to a beverage center in our city right after his interview and exactly in our time slot. Displacement impossible, the report will be broadcasted the same day. Oh well, an natural born cam whore pretending to be altruistic (our deputy major doesn’t lift a finger if there is no publicitiy in range) delivers much more sophisticated pictures for a charity report than creative crackpots like us, of course.  Namazu wouldn’t fit to the concept anyway, said the reporter on the phone. Yesterday he said that he necessarily wants the Namazu-e-shirt and it’s „inventor“. And I said yes, but just because the blog needs attention. Now to the funny part, here’s the report. In German, of course, but you miss just much more ado about absolutely nothing:

1. That report got moved from a news mag to a regional news mag, 30 minutes earlier, I saw it just by chance. Yes, there was a report about Fukushima in the other news mag, too, but about food from Japan. Most random, because we don’t import much of this filthy expensive stuff.

2. That report was 2:35 minutes and – drummroll – did not feature the deputy major handing out donation boxes. Just the (most random) interview with him in the townhall, the rest was a visit in a local bookstore which sells these „1000 cranes“ for 2 € each. Which are f****** child labor and now just shelf warmers! They did not made much of the 89.030 € in the current relief fund which isn’t that impressive anyway for a city that size.

Question: Is it legitim to be pissed now? That report wasn’t helpful at all, just one about the local status quo. Most people in the transmission area still won’t donate to that benefit performance, last but not least because it’s dull. Some (the viewing figures for that regional news mag are ho-hum) promotion for the Namazu-e-shirt would have generated a little viral boost… but no, they rather shot more shameless self-promotion of a politican they don’t broadcast later. And I made a fool of myself with that flamboyant announcement… Hell, I’m pissed!


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Raider heißt jetzt Twix… sonst ändert sich nix, ich suche immer noch einen Job als Scherzkeks.

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