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Namazu did hit Japan again today. To be exact, the region of Fukushima, you can take a look at a seismic map here. Interesting to see it that way, but how does it feel? Here is a report about 3/11 of an eyewitness from Tokyo. People are not longer used to quakes and tsunamis, the big one and especially the meltdown in Fukushima made them very, very nervous. For a good reason, the number and the intensity of the aftershocks looks catfishy. Haruki Murakami wrote about that atmosphere of fear in a compilation of short stories:

The book is from 2001 and reffers to the big one of Kobe back in 1995. It doesn’t feature Namazu, but there’s another giant animal. A gentle one, the talking Super-Frog which tries to save Tokyo from a big one wich reminds to „The Fantastic Deer-Man“. Odd trivia, the German word „quake“ means „make frog sounds“.  Talking animals are most common in Japanese mytholgy, but they don’t stand always for people with a certain nature (like in European fables), but they give nature a voice. They give advice and warn the humans. Namazu doesn’t talk. He doesn’t have to, because he steps in after the very last warning. Not silent, but deadly.


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