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Show me your Namazu face!

You would like to contribute something Namazu but you don’t know what? How about a fish face? Making funny faces is a form of Art in Japan, better known as Kabuki. This performance uses most extreme facial expressions, just like silent movies (but with sound). Western actors still make such grimaces, too, it’s a standard training for the job. And sometimes they are the job, think of comedians like the great Gert Fröbe. Here is a (crappy Russian, for a better download version klick the pic above) clip from „The Umbrealla Coup“ where he plays Otto „The Whale-fish“ Krampe, his brilliant Kabuki performance starts at 1:28:

Now Generation Facebook, show me your fish face! And because Kabuki is famous for it’s fancy masks and make up, too,  some fishlike face paint (or touch up via Photoshop) would be perfect. You can use my Namazu as a template** or you develop your own fish face by all these Namazu / Catfish photos. No idea how a Kabuki face looks like? No problem, here you go:

You can download 126 (!) of these classic Kabuki (not really, these are Chinese, but the Kabuki style has been developed from these, here are some real Kumadori make up examples, thanks to broom-rider) designs here, it’s a .rar file with a PDF catalog and an .ai vector file for every single mask. In case of emergency you can get the previews here („Save target“). Now, what are you waiting for?

Everybody in the Namazu pool and send me photos or videos*!

* videos please via link only, I can’t upload them here! I’ll feature photos via link, too, of course. And don’t forget the link to your website/profile!

** best in front of a white background

UPDATE: Because I had 3 interested girls (shame on you, boys!) in no time, I’ve made an own page for the fish faces to come. The poll there is just a quick & dirty test of a custom style, it will be refined… btw. poll, I’ve decided to give a free Namazu-e-shirt (I can’t afford a „real“ prize) to the winner. But because internet votings are always random and unfair (the early birds get more votes because they are early, the facebook freaks force their friends to vote etc.), I’ll try to get a neutral juror. And if I can’t find one, I’ll pick my favourite (I think after a month or two from now on, that depends on the rate of incoming entries), even the „losers“ will hate me, end of story. Bribery is futile!


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