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Did you copy that?

I’ve made something Namazu again myself, I used this German (!) generator for this „East meets West“ piece:

Eriko Namazuman

Eriko Namazuman from Sotaparko (Kororado Prefecture) loves Sushi and Karaoke. Most famous quote: "Screw you Kashima, I'm gonna rock!"

What are the odds, there was an earthquake in Germantown on Friday, here a report. Here’s another one, more realistic than optimistic. A earthquake is rather rare in Virginia, a magnitude 5.8 at least. Well, you can’t swing a dead catfish in the U.S. without hitting a nuclear power plant, but what are the odds again, the epicenter was just 20 miles from this one? Esoterics would say that Namazu has sent a „from Japan with love“ to the Nuclear States of America. That’s not so far from truth you would think of, because not only shock waves are global, tectonic effects themselves, too. The Earth is like a shifting puzzle ball, when you move one piece, others move, too. Scientist say that this quake was a prehistoric echo from deep below, but I think the big one in Japan is related. BTW, there’s a big one overdue in the U.S., to be exact, in L.A. and/or San Francisco. Wait, there’s more, there was another earthquake yesterday! What are the odds again and again, in Colorado, where South Park is located. BTW, if you expand the vector Virgina- Colorado for 1.219 miles you get out at… San Francisco! Do I have the second sight? I predict things very often by making fun, sometimes it really scares me. But you don’t have to be a psych for this. Do I belive this? Making fun is one thing, profit another, I offer my „quake merch“ for free, donations are optional. Namazu and I are not amused, but rather offended. Especially because yesterday I wheedled a local bartender into creating a Namazu cocktail for benefit (just like this one). He said that would be a most good AND clean promotion and that he expands his portfolio frequently anyway. He didn’t promised me anything, but he WILL think about it and give a Japan style recipe a try at least. That would be a local breakthrough for my idea, the Namazu-e-shirt sells rather sluggish here

BONUS TRIVIA: The German voice of Eric Cartman lives in my neighborhood, here is his (German, please use Google translate) Wikipedia entry: Jörg Stuttmann

Maybe I should ask him to make a funny face for my Namazu contest?


Über twixraider

Raider heißt jetzt Twix… sonst ändert sich nix, ich suche immer noch einen Job als Scherzkeks.

2 Antworten zu “Did you copy that?

  1. Cotten

    I live in Virginia and I was woken by the whole mess and thrown out of my bed. It was very scary!

  2. I hope you and your and every people are not hurt… it sounded not that scary in the news, the sold it like a rollercoaster ride. Now multiply that (look on wikipedia for „seismic scales“) and add a Tsunami and you have an idea of the big one of 3/11. I hope your „little one“ (we had a just magnitude 4 here back in 1981) woke up these idiots:

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