Playful fish

Namazu is pop, video games are pop. So it’s no big suprise that he has cameos in videogames. And if you say videogames, you have to say The Legend of Zelda, too. Well, the artwork above by Woodland-Mel is just fan fic art, but beside the outstanding quality it’s a real hommage to all the fish in the Zeldaverse and a proper adaption of the The Legend of Namazu: Be good and the catfish will be nice to you. Back to the real thing, Link’s world is full of (cat)fish. Weiterlesen

Faces & Stories

Because there are still two slots left, I’ve decided to shift the deadline of the Namazu Fish Face Contest to the 15th of October. Call me Jesus, but I want 12 Apostel too choose from at least… it’s a magic number!

By the way magic and face, have you heard about the anonymus donation of 10.000 Yen found in a toilet in Tokyo? Weiterlesen

In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus…

…and a Namazu sculpture:

It stands in front of the Museum for Hunting and Fishing in Munic. I’ve asked them if there’s any information about the artist or if it’s related to the legend of Namazu Bavariae, but they didn’t reply. Well, that’s the Munic way… Prost!


A Namazu-e by chance by Lati-CA, that little fella didn’t crack that pot, he lives in it. If you have a catfish in a fish tank, he needs something to hide, something like a tube. A cracked flower pot is a perfect home. Well, sort of, catfish prefer to live in freedom. Just like people.