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Playful fish

Namazu is pop, video games are pop. So it’s no big suprise that he has cameos in videogames. And if you say videogames, you have to say The Legend of Zelda, too. Well, the artwork above by Woodland-Mel is just fan fic art, but beside the outstanding quality it’s a real hommage to all the fish in the Zeldaverse and a proper adaption of the The Legend of Namazu: Be good and the catfish will be nice to you. Back to the real thing, Link’s world is full of (cat)fish.

For example, in Twilight Princess there’s the Ordon Catfish. Not a big role, it’s just part of the water fauna. Hard to find, but not to catch and no big trophy in the fishing game which is intended to relax between all the fights and quests.

King Zora is part of a quest, in The Ocarina of Time Link has to defrost him to recive a scuba suit. Watch what the designer made from sort of a glitch in the original script, here’s a video from the 3D remake:

But that’s just the overture to meet the really big fish, Lord Jabu-Jabu who is a level of its own. His brother / cousin / whatever Jabun can even talk, here’s a video from The Wind Waker:

Jabun is rather close to Namazu, even he has this deep sea fish apendix. If you digg through the Zeldaverse, you’ll find much, much more references to Japanese mythology, of course. What The Lord of the Rings was for books, is The Legend of Zelda for videogames, a real link to the past…

Well, if you say Zelda, you have to say clones, too. A better one of these is Tomba, which even features a giant fish, too:

Now, will we see fish in the next episode, Skyward Sword? Who knows, it’s placed in the sky, but in the trailer Princess Zelda gets swallowed by a giant creature which could be a fish…


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