Soulfood & shelter

Wanna know how the refugees of 3/11 live six months later? Well, the lucky ones could leave the temporary mass shelters and move in… temporary single shelters! Like this one:

This is a luxury class shelter module called „QuickSpace72h“ which you can arrange to family size, too. Weiterlesen


Watch the counter!

Please scroll down to the bottom of the page and have a look at the blog stats. Are you visitor number 2011 since June 2011 (rather impressive figure for an „odd“ blog like that)? If so, please leave a comment where you’re from and how you did get here.


After Nyan-Cat there’s a new endurance meme online, news from Fukushima. Please get yourself in a comfortable position and watch it:

Feeling uncomfortable? Weiterlesen


A very nice gift from Kreadiv:

„I think Namazu isn’t always grey and grumpy, a mean monster from the deep. I did paint him colorful and happy, performing a little dance of joy in the sun. Sorry for my poor skills.“

Dear, there’s nothing to beg pardon for. Perfection does not exist and the idea makes the picture, not the execution. Art is the expression of an idea in first. So, there’s no need to be that humble. Domo arigato.