Türkiye için namaz

A little big bang hit Turkey today, an article about it can be found here. Magnitude 7.2, at least 1000 dead and 10 buildings down, many others hurt and damaged. A warning from Namazu that the long expected big one will hit Istanbul soon, causing a Tsunami in the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara? Read the sings: The epicenter of the quake was on the other side of Turkey, but in the Van Province. Home of the Turkish Van („Van Kedisi“): Weiterlesen

Mutant Maki

My fellow citizen and B-Movie maker Jörg „Butti“ Buttgereit is a lover of and expert for Japanese monster movies. After 3/11 he wrote an article about Fukushima as sort of self-fullfilling prophecy, predicted in the Godzilla (which is based on the Namazu myth) movies for a German newspaper. Even more, he wrote and produced a(nother) radio(active monster) drama with the title „Green Frankenstein“ just before 3/11. Of course the radio station didn’t broadcasted it at the height of the horror, now „Green Frankenstein“ got on stage. Weiterlesen

Sleepin‘ with the catfishes

Maybe you’ve heard that the Yakuza helped the victims of the triple disaster of 3/11 quicker than the gouverment, you can find an article here. Sounds like a dream? Well, it’s a nightmare. The Yakuza just put their foot in the open door to make profit, the article about that is here. Where’s the profit in removing the radioative debris and earth? Weiterlesen

Hammertime again!

„What’s up, catfish? Of course you know, this means war!“

This beautiful Namazu-e of Janeesper seems mythological not correct, Yumigami is based on the Moon Rabbit which isn’t a fighter. But who cares, mythology is alive and kicking, even Namazu changed much trough time, too, in different versions of the legend he plays different roles. So why shouldn’t a peaceful apothecary / cook use his tool to restrain a naughty fatso? And if you think this role doesn’t fit to such a coward and weak carrot chewer, think of a certain hare who never flees a fight… Weiterlesen