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Hetalia sans italic

Photographer Vanessa Rolland (French) alias Zero alias Triplebulle got inspired by my (German) idea of a fish face contest made for Japan (where she lives). She decided to shot some fish faces made in Japan. Sounds easy, but it isn’t for a Gaijin. Her making-of story (which I didn’t edit, if a German corrects the English of a French, Babylon will burn in pidgin!) explaines how she made it anyway:

Fishy Thursday in America-mura, Osaka, Japan.

Original B-Boys

Nothing as good as walking around Ame-mura (the village America) at night, as most of the shops have closed down and the best remain open. Enjoyable crowd, high fashion for the area (hip-hop, short short, extremely short, girls girly, dolly, boys B boys or just very classy, inkmen and inkwomen…a little bit of everything, rule is NO HAS BEEN).

A confectioner

Nikon and I are on a trip for a fish face shooting. My average japanese helped out to explain the whole concept to random people I would meet in the street. Groups of 2 or more people were the most interesting, as Japanese tend to be very shy when facing a foreigner (especially with a camera and a request that sound a bit ridiculous). Most of the people I’ve asked answered yes directly. Especially when they heard „Tohoku no tame“ („for the North of Japan“), they accepted and dropped a little „Ganbatte“ at the end, a kind of „try hard“ mixed with „Good luck“…

Common teenagers

I tried to get pictures from divers people, as Osaka is a blend of all the fashion possible (so are the main towns in Japan, if not the whole country). Funny thing was that there was no typical fish face, everybody I’ve taken the pics of would ask me what type of face I was looking for. But even though I showed the same face to everybody, they would all come up with a damaged/better version of my caricatural fish.

A Gothic Lolita (subspecies unknown)


You only kiss twice from Osaka with love

Domo arigato, Vanessa-san!

PS: The title of this article is a stereotypographic pun about characters. What does that mean? Google it, that’s more fun!

Über twixraider

Raider heißt jetzt Twix… sonst ändert sich nix, ich suche immer noch einen Job als Scherzkeks.

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