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Mutant Maki

My fellow citizen and B-Movie maker Jörg „Butti“ Buttgereit is a lover of and expert for Japanese monster movies. After 3/11 he wrote an article about Fukushima as sort of self-fullfilling prophecy, predicted in the Godzilla (which is based on the Namazu myth) movies for a German newspaper. Even more, he wrote and produced a(nother) radio(active monster) drama with the title „Green Frankenstein“ just before 3/11. Of course the radio station didn’t broadcasted it at the height of the horror, now „Green Frankenstein“ got on stage. Still an audio drama, just a few actors reading supported by sound effects, no real costumes or set decoration, low tech as low budget can. Why not a movie? Butti is an oldschool independent movie maker, he makes real Trash, not that glossy Hollywood Trash with CGI & stupid stuff. But even a real Trash monster movie (amateur actors in rubbersuits in the backyard etc.) is rather expensive and a non-profit project at the same time. And even there would be investors (there are no Trash patrons in Germany), they would try to force him to the infamous „tiny modifications“. Result: Glossy Trash without the good ideas, just ruined and completely against Butti’s simple dogma. So don’t expect to see „Green Frankenstein“ as a movie on the silver screen, not even straight to DVD.

But there is hope, Butti and his buddy Martin Trafford from down under started an amazing new project, an open source web comic named „Captain Berlin vs. Fukuda“. What does that mean? Well, there’s a raw idea of the story, a most simple expose: Captain Berlin (Germany’s one & only Superhero franchise, established 1982) faces a new enemy, FUKUDA (Disclaimer: NOT related to any person or company, dead or alive), a giant, butt-ugly as dangerous mutant which did appear short after… correct, Fukushima. Now it’s your turn, uncle Butti wants YOU to help with story ideas, gags, easter eggs, references and tributes and whatever. Call it content sharing or crowdwriting, it’s a mutated form of interactive entertainment and art. If you have something interesting, just log in to google+ or write him a mail via his website (I won’t post his mail adress here, but it isn’t that hard to find if you are really motivated).

Well, are there rules for that post punk play? Yes and no, heavy brainstorming rules with Trash, but it would help Butti and Martin much if they don’t have to filter too much. So please try to be not too random, try to catch the vibe first. Watch Japanese monster movies to groove in, try to remember all the odd stuff that happend in context with ecological disasters, horror or funny. For example, the French gouverment proclaimed 1986 that the radioactive cloud from Chernobyl did stop at the border of France. A cloud respecting a turnpike, strange but true lies and myths like that. Next step: Feel the Superhero spirit of Captain Berlin. First go back to his roots and watch his very first (Super 8 ) movie:

If you look really close, you’ll spot Bela B. alias Dirk Felsenheimer of the Band DIE ÄRZTE in it. Time for a timeslip, now watch the Trailer for the DVD with the recording of the stage play „Captain Berlin vs. Hitler“:

Got it? Now go on and research the rest. Why you should join anyway? Because Butti fights the radioactive regime with it’s own horror and his fun, that helpes NOT to get insane about Fukushima and could change some minds. And who knows, maybe the comic will be such a success that there will be a patron who brings it to the silver screen in pure Trash. And you are part of it. That’s why Namazu supports the noble Captain Berlin with this blog entry. Ganbutti!

PS: Don’t be offended if even a brilliant idea doesn’t appear in the comic. Too many details disturb the flow, every movie script gets cut down from 120 to 90 pages / minutes. Visual details are another story (this is not HD, the panels are rather small), but be prepared for some dissapointment. Always remember Trash: Try your best even it doesn’t fit anywhere.


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