Horror a la Chef

Jörg „Butti“ Buttgereit and Martin Trafford did post this page of their webcomic on October the 27th:

Well, that was fiction, now how about some reality? Click the pic: Weiterlesen


Better late than never

Why I didn’t post something for such a long time? I was fed up with bad news. But today there have been nice ones at least, I recived a photo which was taken months ago. Mariavonwegen just forgot to send it:

MariavonwegenInstead of a statement about her Namazu-e-shirt there’s this sign „The park is recommanded for the safety of the visitors“. It makes no sense, not even in German (it’s „The site is recommanded for the protection of the audience“ in the original, rather oldschool phrase). Just like the statements of TEPCO that Fukushima Daiichi was/is/will be safe. There’s not such a thing like a spontaneous fission in a meltdown. But there will be $14.5 billions for TEPCO instead of it’s victims. These have to decontaminate their homes over and over again because there is always new fallout by radioactive dust which travels with the wind. Update, I am fed up with bad news… but thank you Mary for thinking of Namazu!