Nice suprise

Today there was a little late, but amazing X-Mas gift in my mailbox:

„Hey there,
I finally finished my version of the Namazu, the Namazu Bavariae and a Christmas Namazu. In October, I travelled Tokyo and met an awesome Taiwnese woman who shows her concern and support for Japan with her own song:

There are still many homeless people and the infrastucture in the Sendai area wasn’t completely rebuilt yet.  It´s sad that none seems to be interested in this theme anymore, thinking of the fact that the nuclear danger isnt under control yet (as far as I know).  As soon as my shirt arrives, Ill take some photos. ;3
Kind regards, Michaela

The name link leads to her own blog… Oh boy, three artworks in a row plus story plus extra content and a promise for more, what a awesome feedback! Thank you so much!

There’s nothing wrong…

…with the last post, but something missing. The Kiwis have their own Namazu, a monster called Taniwha. There’s a god of earthquakes and vulcanos, too, Rūaumoko, but a Taniwah is responsible for the port of Wellington, a children’s book about the myth here, more about that terraformer here. The Taniwah myth is – like Namazu – still rather popular, there are not only books, but songs and even some movies, too. This one is about the human-monster relationship, in another one Taniwha fights the European conquerors, here some CGI from the trailer: Weiterlesen

Balrog rides Namazu

A few days ago, the trailer for The Hobbit went online. Beside of some manmade problems of the pre-production, there have been many events of bad luck which made fans speak of a curse, including the big quake in Christchurch just a month before the shooting of the movie started. And now Namazu striked again, just one day after the trailer. Is the movie cursed? No, it’s just bad timing, Christchurch is a tectonic hot spot, there’s a special quake map here. Is there any connection? Weiterlesen

We wish you a happy Catfish Christmas!

Other people need more than just good wishes. A real miracle at X-Mas. Some for a few years, some for 30 years at least. Look at their world here. Not a happy place, not a place at all. Wanna share some X-Mas spirit with these people? Give a Namazu-e-shirt to someone you love and donate some money in his/her name instead of buying him/her an expensive gift. How? All you need to know is here. Why? Because a new smartphone doesn’t make him/her happy. But to make a little donation for food, clothes, shelter and other things will give you both good Karma. That simple.