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¡Ay, caramba, a Kodak moment!

El Siluro Sismico alias Namazu did hit Mexico hard today, an article here. No hay ningún problema de la contaminación? Well, the epicenter was 555 kilometers away from Laguna Verde, the one and only nuclear power plant of Mexico. So far, because there are plans to build up to 10 (!) new ones. No good idea for two good reasons:

  1. Mexico is a tectonic most active region, there are vulcanos galore like the giant Popocatépetl, read about the big quake in 1985 here. And El Popo shows since 2000 more activity like in the 50 years before, so critical seismic events are probably in the near future.
  2.  „Hecho in Mexico“ is a quality standard, but for low. I gave up using the Kodak instant scuba cam since they are made in Mexico only because the film is dirty. It’s that full of dust and fuzz like the emulsion was brewed in the bathtub of a hairy Bandido. That isn’t a vital problem, but read what’s missing in the English Wikipedia record of Laguna Verde (crappy translation from German):

„On 12 July 2002 occurred an incident at INES level 2 when booted the block Laguna Verde-1 after inspection and repair of small leaks in the main steam line occurred a reactor scram. This was due to human error, according to the report of the IAEA in controlling the reactor pressure. When the restoration work and further checks it was found that the dessert of the reactor system as a result of lack of monitoring procedures at least one year was not ready.“

Building a nuclear power plant in a danger zone and and running it Homer style. Sounds familiar? Sounds TEPCO!


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Raider heißt jetzt Twix… sonst ändert sich nix, ich suche immer noch einen Job als Scherzkeks.

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