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Balrog rides Namazu

A few days ago, the trailer for The Hobbit went online. Beside of some manmade problems of the pre-production, there have been many events of bad luck which made fans speak of a curse, including the big quake in Christchurch just a month before the shooting of the movie started. And now Namazu striked again, just one day after the trailer. Is the movie cursed? No, it’s just bad timing, Christchurch is a tectonic hot spot, there’s a special quake map here. Is there any connection? If you want, there is one, in Tolkin’s world there are the Balrogs, fiery demons which ride dragons. Well, Namazu was not always a catfish, in China he was a dragon, read about it here. Now here’s the twist, the dragon didn’t came first, the Asian dragons are based on the giant catfish, just look at their shape and last but not least the whiskers. Or better, barbels. The Chinese dragon is a chimaera of cat, fish and reptile. The Western dragon was not always the fancy Pterosaur, too, the descriptions mention elements of different species, the flying Fantasy stereotype came rather late. However, Kashima rides Namazu to tame him, the Balrog rides the dragon like a war horse, controlling his destructive skills, too (a reprise can be found in the Nazgul). Back to the curse, did the Kiwis deserve a punishment? Did they dig too deep like the Dwarves in Moria and woke up a Balrog? Did a Hobbit made Smaug angry?

No, New Zealand did learn it’s lessons and is a nuclear free zone. There is no law against building a nuclear power plant needed because the Hobbits don’t like Saruman’s technology at all, not even for a peaceful purpose. Nuclear energy is actually like the one ring, it gives you incredible power, but brings sooner or later death and destruction. It’s not a gift, like Isildur and Boromir thought…

BTW, throwing radioactive waste in a vulcano is unfortunally no solution because even magma isn’t hot enough to transform Plutonium to something harmeless, the vulcano would just emit radioactive gas for ages… too bad!


Über twixraider

Raider heißt jetzt Twix… sonst ändert sich nix, ich suche immer noch einen Job als Scherzkeks.

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