Wayne cares!

„Wayne interessiert es?“ is a Denglish malaproism of „Wen interessiert es?“ = „Who cares?“. Well, Wayne Ferrebee cares about many things (mostly Art & Science), last but not least about Catfish. His latest article about our favourite „pet“ can be found here, it explains the nearly supernatural powers of Namazu & Company. I recommand to read it because it’s really interesting and not because of the lack of Namazu related news. There are some here, the colateral damage is still far from being under control. Who cares? If you need a Namazu Day reminder, here you go. And don’t forget to wear your t-shirt to show you care, too!

…party like it’s 2004

Yesterday tectonic history repeated itself. Well, not exactely, but the latest seaquake near Sumatra could have been like the one back in 2004. Just 500 kilometers to the East and Namazu’s strike would have had hit much harder. Why? Because the magnitude has different effects in different depths, the seaquake yesterday was rather deep. The shockwaves loose power on their way up to sea-level, just like a bullet fired in the water. And that epicenter was in the middle of the sea, the one in 2004 was between Simeulue and the west coast of Sumatra. There was a Ping-Pong effect which multiplied the force of the Tsunami. Imagine that you fire a gun out in the fields and in a small room, the echoes make the difference. So yesterday was a lucky day, a brief report here. EARTHQUAKE REPORT is an independent website which collects information from all over the world. No censorship for the sake of calm citizens, no panic mongering for clicks, just information, easy to read as possible. So don’t call it Namazuleaks, my blog is infotainment… subjective, emotive, leapfrogging. BTW, today is actually a tectonic anniversery, 2 years ago a quake disrupted Haiti. If you think that it did recover fast because there was not much to recover anyway, think again. Ca. 500.000 people still live in slums, even worse than the slums before. The good news: The international aid helped to fight the hunger at least.

Enter the Dragon, but mind the gap

Well, the Year of the Dragon is said to be a year of luck. The 1st day wasn’t promising, look how it started here. Yes, with an earthquake with magnitude 7.0 (or 6.8, depending on the source).  But wait, the zodiac (Water)Dragon starts on the 23rd January, maybe Namazu will be restrained by a spell then. Like in the artwork above by Leo Ogawa, his blog entry about that fantastic CGI here. Remember, 3/11 can happen again every moment. And there are still 330.000 people homeless…