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Out of business

Is there a curse on the Namazu-e-shirt? I didn’t expect the Catfish to become an internet phenomena like the Nyan Cat (the more stupid a meme is, the more successful it will be, that’s the way of the cyberspace which is ruled by random idiots), but it didn’t just worked out rather dissapointing, things went wrong as wrong can. Today I’ve wanted to show a friend how it started, with the very first post which was about the print shop Analogwerk. I knew that Tobi was desperately looking for a new shop he could afford. A nearly impossible mission because of the gentrification, the rents in our hometown are outagous, the profiteers praise it as „Greater Augsburg“. The last thing I’ve heard was that Tobi runs his humble business at home and online, cyberspace is cheap to rent. But when I was looking after the online shop today, I found this disclaimer.  Short and English, Tobi became that ill that he can’t run an online shop, customers with open orders get their money back etc.. What shit happend? I don’t know, my request went back, even his mail account is dead. I hope this pathetic pop won’t come true, Tobi was the most important of the few real supporters.

Back to business, the show must go on. If you google text for Namazu, Tobi’s dead shop is the 6th hit, over here in Germany at least. On page 3 there’s a hit with a link to this blog. With pics my Namazu is hit no. 20, not even the rather unknown term Namazu-e generates a direct hit. Via text this blog is quite invisible, even the term Namazu is featured in every article, as text and tag. Google sucks if you don’t buy a rank. Google sucks even more, it makes poor use of its artistic weapon of mass attention, the Doodle. I’m not that jealous of its power, but take a look in this official gallery. Who cares about Girl’s and Women’s Day, these events are complete farces. 3/11 is a historic, epic date which concerns us all. Sure, there was more media coverage these days and national mouring is national, but Google has the power and  responsibility to remind. And 3/11 is a real challenge to doodle, mine above is just a quick and dirty one. Are there no artist with skills and balls? It seems so, the Doodle for the Woman’s Day is just somehow female and stereotypical. You can do better, world leading search engine!


Über twixraider

Raider heißt jetzt Twix… sonst ändert sich nix, ich suche immer noch einen Job als Scherzkeks.

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