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Got cream for my tea?

Mama Monster strikes again, one of her tecups got sold for $ 14.600 for Japan, the whole story here. No, wait, there’s still some vital information missing, the better half is here. Now tell me: How much is it to ship a rubber bracelet including the envelope? Even without postage flatrate and quantity discount not more than $ 1.50 or $ 2 in the USA, I guess. You now it from eBay, small item, big shipping, bad romance. And even she did actally ship it deluxe, the postal services made profit from that and she had priceless promotion for the money of other people. Different day, same shit, the item she did donate now has an real value of… let’s say, $ 40. And what are the odds, her Asia tour starts next week. The benefit is bullshit, too. Why support guest students from Japan if there is still so much suffering in Japan? Many refugees still life in camps, many more have lost everything. Remember: A house in „the zone“ is not even worth a single Yen anymore. For the owner, mortgages are still valid, no insurance pays for that. The residents on Minamisoma are allowed to come back now, but in a ghost town. Short: This kind of charity sucks, rather make yourself a Namazu-e-shirt and donate $ 5 to Bansho Miura’s HEART CARE RESCUE. Well, I had to trick Google to translate the contact info, but maybe it’s just facebook acting strange with Fukushima info:

Nucleus – NGO HCR nuclear accident relief [Heart Care Rescue]

Relief NGO HCR + OPCOM nuclear accident – the nucleus

[Special Committee HCR]
■ Support for medical assistance and supplies
■ Support legislation Law „nuclear accident cover exposed person“
■ individual radiation dose rate measurement
■ Measurement of radioactive material, water, food, etc.
■ press freedom in the affected areas, support a nuclear accident

[: The Institute of isotope Opukomu OPCOM Institute of Isotopes]
■ decontamination research and analysis of ground high-dose radioactive material
■ Comprehensive consulting in the fight against radioactive material
■ design and construction of nuclear shelters, mosquito shelter renovation
■ Handling of washing machine, air purifier, dosimeter

[Destination aid disaster area]
〒 975-0032
Sakurai-cho 1-278 Haramachi Minamisoma district, Fukushima Prefecture
HCR aid destined for base supply base

[Contact Kampa activity HCR]
Haramachi branch Fukushima Bank, Ltd.
Normal 1060220
Sea leopards are die HIS Miura minor version

Symbol number 36795261 18260 Post Bank
CH Sea are: the account holder
※ transfer of account receivable from other financial institutions
Salesperson 3679526 828 savings account („Hachinihachi“ reading)

HCR ▼ relief supplies to the members from here

Earthquake East, activist groups, Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster relief TEPCO
Basic data
Established in 2011
Sakurai-cho 1-278 Haramachi Minamisoma district, Fukushima Prefecture where 〒 975-0032

Contact Information
Telephone number 00 81 244-22-0281
E-mail address
Website #! / HCR_OPCOM


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Raider heißt jetzt Twix… sonst ändert sich nix, ich suche immer noch einen Job als Scherzkeks.

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