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Fruit of the Doom

A tree of knowledge in a former garden of Eden, now guess the fruit:

Bansho Miura shot this citrons in the zone around Fukukshima. Like I know, 6 months ago, so it could be a frost damage, too. And there are actually nasty mites and fungi which can cause such deformations. But number, size and the structure of the leaves are most unusual, that looks more like a mutation to me. That plants simply grow giant because of radiation is most naive Sciene Fiction, the run riot instead. Well, the original citrus species from Asia actually look odd and even monstrously, like Buddha’s Hand. But I’ve digged through loads of local variations, this fruits come closest to the ordinary Citrus medica, just not a healthy one. The look of a fruit is one thing, its content another, read a little report of Iori Mochizuki about fallout fruits here. What are the odds that these fruits here don’t show symptoms of frost or fungi, but the contamination in the zone? I can’t help it, they remind me to Biollante and I wouldn’t eat them, even Eve herself would try to tease me to, the fall of mankind isn’t worth that sin… now forget about the fig leaf and get a Namazu-e-shirt!

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Raider heißt jetzt Twix… sonst ändert sich nix, ich suche immer noch einen Job als Scherzkeks.

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