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May the frog be with you…

The ability of the real Namazu to sense earthquakes reminds to the performance of the force above. Well, there are Jedi of many species and there are many animals with a 6th sense. What does Yoda remind to? Bingo, certain amphibians are the protagonists of a most strange phenomena back in 2009, a iwannabelieve article here. If it wasn’t mere chance, was it precognition? Prediction is the correct term, the classic oracles did read from nature, too. The effects mentioned in that article fit to a rather new theory. Tectonic activities mean friction of rock on rock already before the actual earthquake. If the rock contains quartz (rather probably, it’s the second most common mineral in the continental crust), the friction can generate a piezoelectric effect like used in lighters. The force is strong with earthquakes and so is the effect, but these disturbances of the force are hard to recognize in the most dynamic magnetic field of the earth. Just imagine you have to indentify the voice of a stranger at a big party. Do frogs know how the electromagnetic voice of earthquakes sound?

Maybe yes, but maybe it’s an after effect. Fish have sensoric organs for electricity, birds for magnetism, amphibians are known for most touchy skin, they get a sunburn rather quick. Now, the magnetic field is a shield which protects us from radiation from outer space. A distortion of that shield causes a shifting in the spectrum, for example if the intensity of UV-rays rises, it’s getting „hot“ for the frogs. The theory that frogs can smell eartquakes would need the proof that there are unusual emissons of Radon gas from the ground before eartquakes. In that case, a simple Geiger counter could give alarm if the natural radioactivity in the air is higher than normal.

Of course there has been some research if there is a connection of the behaviour of the usual suspects and earthquakes, but the results so far have been reported as „not promising“. But maybe it’s just the attitude, many scientist are afraid of top-down aka analogy bionics in the field of senses, even the most important tool Sonar is a result of myth-busting. The folkore was that bats can see in the dark, it took 200 years to understand their use of Ultrasound. The frog is sort of a persona non grata, because there was the (German) folklore of the „Weather Frog“: When a frog in a glass climbs the little ladder in it, there will be good weather. A classic misinterpretation, frogs just climb plants at good weather because their prey insects fly higher. A symptom, not a sign. To research if frogs can predict earthquakes would be like turning back to superstition, a science sissy could loose its reputation, so it rather stays with „facts“.

Science never was really open minded and is more about money than solving vital issues today. Promising profit, intensive research. To develop a real early warning system for earthquakes would cost loads of money, but one can’t sell it like pills. There are EEWS-Apps (feat. Namazu as mascot), but these are for free, people would cry out loud if a patent holder would demand a „survival fee“. So a reliable method of prediction will be probably discorvered by chance, it will be – if at all! – one one these collateral inventions, a scientific side effect of serious business. To apply as a Padawan of the Jedi of nature is not an option for the Technocrats, they rather belive in the things in their cold dead hands…

Epiloge: I’ve asked the Fraunhofer Institute (the German MIT) if their EEWS research features animal experiments. You guess the answer. If you take a look at the portfolio, you won’t find real prediction, not even based on established technologies. The project that comes closest to it uses real-time seismology which is said to have a margin of seconds up to minutes before the shock rocks the surface. So all they can tell you is „You’ll probably die in a few moments, have a nice day!“


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