Can you feel it?

Namazu related art isn’t that rare, but magic moments are. The 3rd February was one for Namazu art, if even not the magic moment of magic moments. Now ladies and gentleman, Namazu-e-shirt proudly presents:


Well, it’s still a prototype, but the idea literally rocks! It actually gives you an idea how Namazu feels, here is an article of his supernatural powers by my catfish comrade ferrebeekeeper. Like I’ve said in my comment, the Namazu necklace is like a mood ring, just for the whole world. I really can’t wait to see the final design(s). For the catfishwalk at the release party there’s only one dignified track, of course:

Of course this floorfilla is more about human nature, but the video is  apocalyptic, note the tsunami after the prolouge, moonwalk is futile.

The eye of the catfish

Two days ago I told you that I see catfish… everywhere! Well, it happend again today. First I saw this video. Oh boy, a naturist from the healthiest place on earth, he would make the perfect male model for the Namazu-e-shirt! Why perfect? Because Bansho Miura comes from Okinawa, too, another „eco anarchist“. And a naturist wearing a t-shirt for a good cause would turn the absolutely worn out concept of nude activism & naked protest upside down. And last but not least, that thing above which looks like Namazu’s eye is in fact… the symbol of Okinawa! Psychosis? No, just another „What are the odds?“.  Now all I have to do is to find the shop he buys water and food, send him a Namazu-e-shirt and ask him for a photo. Which is not that easy at all, even there’s a brief tourist information website in many languages. There are rather detailed maps, but the name tags of smaller islands like Soto Banari are in Japanese only. I’ve found some Lat & Long, but very rough and Google maps sucks with that kind of data. Other tools have never heard of that little island and deny to display empty sea. All I know is the name and that the next point of civilization is one hour by boat away. I’ve asked the tourist information via mail, but I doubt that they have an exact address… the next option is too find Ruairidh Villar who was on location. And if he can help me, I need a person who translates my letter in proper Japanese. Much ado about a photo…

UPDATE: Like I know now (thanks a lot to the Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau!), Sotobanari(jima) is about 3 kilometers west from Shirahama on Iriomote. Well, that’s a start, that village is that small that the postman can actually find the store where Nagasaki buys his goods. Or not, because the happy hermit recives once a month money from his brother, more probably at the next post office which is located in Sonai, 3 kilometers north east from Sotobanari. So, what village is the place to send? Still much ado about a photo… btw, Iriomote is not the paradise it seems and used to be, tourism is about to wipe out another hermit which is a mascot already, the Iriomote Cat.



…did not happen, no Tsunami for Indonesisa and its neighbours, „just“ a sea quake. A delayed Easter gift from Namazu? Michaela Aidam did deliver this illustration of an Easter Namazu today. What a timing. Read some „what if…“ here. Yes, it was most close, millions of people around the Indian Ocean are still scared to death for a good reason.

Far Easter!

It’s not longer the season for Bunny stuff? This cartoon by FriKitty won’t get old that soon:

Translation for the lazy:

„Hi Tewi, where are you from?“

„From Fukushima…“

Well, what looks like usual odd Weebo fan art is actually a Namazu-e in the meaning of a political caricature. Even it’s some kind of an insider gag, the news report which it’s pointing at wasn’t that popular than the Kemonomimi, read it here. Mutant shit happens, but what are the odds for such an event at this timing? Another wicked detail in FriKitty’s cartoon (her comic blog is called „The Girl of Chaos“) is the edible necklace. It’s actually a tradition in Japan to hang little children a carrot around the neck so they have always a healthy snack at hand when they play outside. Which they can’t in the zone around Fukushima where the radiation dosimeter badge replaced the carrot. Not to mention that root vegetables gather radiation from the ground they grow in. And last but not least it’s frowned upon that people say inconvenient truths in Japanese caricatures, to let animals do the talking is the way of the Namazu-e. Using the fable bypass was clever icing on the cake. By the way, I’m planning a Namazu-e contest. Stay tuned and always watch your…