Out of business

Is there a curse on the Namazu-e-shirt? I didn’t expect the Catfish to become an internet phenomena like the Nyan Cat (the more stupid a meme is, the more successful it will be, that’s the way of the cyberspace which is ruled by random idiots), but it didn’t just worked out rather dissapointing, things went wrong as wrong can. Today I’ve wanted to show a friend how it started, with the very first post which was about the print shop Analogwerk. I knew that Tobi was desperately looking for a new shop he could afford. Weiterlesen


Easy come, uneasy go

Yesterday I’ve announced that there’ll be an interview on TV (check this link, I’m not in the mood to repeat everything). What are the odds, they chanceled my and Tobi’s shooting last minute. Why? Because time is money shot. Weiterlesen

Now the Namazu-e-shirt is on TV!

Not yet, a reporter of the Bavarian TV will do tommorrow a clip about „Stadtbergen hilft“ feat. the Namazu-e-shirt and my local franchise partner ANALOGWERK. It will be a sequel of a report from March. I think my performance will last just the 15 seconds of fame, but I’m most excited anyway. The camera loves me, but I hate it. I have stage fright! This video gives you an idea what you’ll see in the best case scenario:

Too shy, too shy!


Today I’ve found this rather cartoony Namazu-e:

Looks like… Tom & Jerry, just with a Catfish instead of a cat and a man instead of a mouse? There’s actually an episode „Cat Fishin“: Weiterlesen