He can get over the Alps

Except the Japanese Heidi hype (there is a Heidi theme park in Tōhoku) there seem to be no connection between Namazu and Switzerland. But if one digs in the ground, there is one. And that is exactely what Heidi did, she literally pulled the tail of the catfish. Nobody can tell if that experiment made the ground instable. Or better, more instable, Namazu visited Basel back in 1356. Now imagine what would happen if the seismic impulse that did hit Nothern Italy a few weeks ago continues. The African plate pushes Italy out of its way, „the Boot“ moves North by North West. If you follow that vector, you stand in front of Weiterlesen

Far Easter!

It’s not longer the season for Bunny stuff? This cartoon by FriKitty won’t get old that soon:

Translation for the lazy:

„Hi Tewi, where are you from?“

„From Fukushima…“

Well, what looks like usual odd Weebo fan art is actually a Namazu-e in the meaning of a political caricature. Even it’s some kind of an insider gag, the news report which it’s pointing at wasn’t that popular than the Kemonomimi, read it here. Mutant shit happens, but what are the odds for such an event at this timing? Another wicked detail in FriKitty’s cartoon (her comic blog is called „The Girl of Chaos“) is the edible necklace. It’s actually a tradition in Japan to hang little children a carrot around the neck so they have always a healthy snack at hand when they play outside. Which they can’t in the zone around Fukushima where the radiation dosimeter badge replaced the carrot. Not to mention that root vegetables gather radiation from the ground they grow in. And last but not least it’s frowned upon that people say inconvenient truths in Japanese caricatures, to let animals do the talking is the way of the Namazu-e. Using the fable bypass was clever icing on the cake. By the way, I’m planning a Namazu-e contest. Stay tuned and always watch your…

There’s nothing wrong…

…with the last post, but something missing. The Kiwis have their own Namazu, a monster called Taniwha. There’s a god of earthquakes and vulcanos, too, Rūaumoko, but a Taniwah is responsible for the port of Wellington, a children’s book about the myth here, more about that terraformer here. The Taniwah myth is – like Namazu – still rather popular, there are not only books, but songs and even some movies, too. This one is about the human-monster relationship, in another one Taniwha fights the European conquerors, here some CGI from the trailer: Weiterlesen

Hetalia sans italic

Photographer Vanessa Rolland (French) alias Zero alias Triplebulle got inspired by my (German) idea of a fish face contest made for Japan (where she lives). She decided to shot some fish faces made in Japan. Sounds easy, but it isn’t for a Gaijin. Her making-of story (which I didn’t edit, if a German corrects the English of a French, Babylon will burn in pidgin!) explaines how she made it anyway:

Fishy Thursday in America-mura, Osaka, Japan.

Original B-Boys

Nothing as good as walking around Ame-mura (the village America) at night, as most of the shops have closed down and the best remain open. Enjoyable crowd, high fashion for the area (hip-hop, short short, extremely short, girls girly, dolly, boys B boys or just very classy, inkmen and inkwomen…a little bit of everything, rule is NO HAS BEEN). Weiterlesen