Playful fish

Namazu is pop, video games are pop. So it’s no big suprise that he has cameos in videogames. And if you say videogames, you have to say The Legend of Zelda, too. Well, the artwork above by Woodland-Mel is just fan fic art, but beside the outstanding quality it’s a real hommage to all the fish in the Zeldaverse and a proper adaption of the The Legend of Namazu: Be good and the catfish will be nice to you. Back to the real thing, Link’s world is full of (cat)fish. Weiterlesen


Some Nintendo kids are allright…

…and do actually cultural research beyond Pokémon & Co.. For example, Namine wishes to share her very own Namazu-e with her fellow citizens and others whom it may concern:

And she wrote even an exclusive statement for this blog, too, this isn’t just a repost: