Sweet feedback

I’ve asked the „Admin“ of a website which features the Bavarian Namazu if he knows that his Catfish has a cousin in Japan and if he has more images related to the legend of the Waller vom Walchensee. Well, he gave me feedback: Weiterlesen


Catfish fight

A new Namazu mascot in my territory? There’ll be trouble!



You derserve a little reward for all the visits last week and especially yesterday, maybe it will generate feedback, too. Sit back and enjoy a really  awesome Japanese music video featuring a fishheaded dancing demon:

Some Nintendo kids are allright…

…and do actually cultural research beyond Pokémon & Co.. For example, Namine wishes to share her very own Namazu-e with her fellow citizens and others whom it may concern:

And she wrote even an exclusive statement for this blog, too, this isn’t just a repost: