Beware of the Chlob!

Long time no see, huh? Well, it was too frustrating to post any of the many bad news from Japan. Like the new gouverment which rethinks nuclear energy vice versa again or the fish which burries the needle of the Geiger counters.  And Namazu’s activity went to an rather average level again, so nobody is listening to fair warnings anyway. Today there was a magnitude 6.2 in Japan and a rather disturbing report from Fukushima that proofs that nothing is normal at all, here you go.  Got it? While other kids cosplay elegant Manga/Anime characters, the ones in „the Zone“ actually become the Blob.  But not of the funny burlesque kind shown in the video above. Involuntary couch potatoes, either by house arrest or being afraid of going outside, no matter if there’s nuclear winter or summer. Even more frustrating, gaining fat indoor has no real positive side effect, because „IT“ is in the air, the water, the food, everywhere. What will these kids become in the half life of Caesium? Oversized cysts, half man, half sofa, watching the repetive „March 11 2041: Now it’s really half that worse!“ reports over and over again, munching potatoe chips? The radioactiv Blob is a real double horror feature… it creeps and leaps and glides and slides across the floor right through the kitchen door!

Is it really one year ago already?

©Tiny Zoo Friends

Yes, it’s about time for a Namazu-e-shirt birthday serenade (not custom, but made by Jessica Tommassello). Is it a happy birthday? Not really, but I won’t bother you with the poor statistics and the even poorer feedback. Let’s have some Namazu art trivia instead, did you know that:

1. the Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei is under house arrest because of Namazu? His related installation „Remembering“ in Munic made him and his investigation in the Sichuan schools corruption scandal world famous, the rest is history.

2. quake freak Goethe (see last post) wrote his most famous poem „Mignon“ („Do you know the land where citrons bloom?„) during a stopover on his trip to Italy? The poem itself isn’t that interesting in that context, but the stopover was at the Walchensee wich is the home of the Bavarian Namazu.

3. Namazu can actually make music? The artist Micah Frank aka Kanomi triggers his audio sculpture „Tectonic“ with real time seismic data, just like the Namazu necklace.

4. I’m really fed up with running this blog?

Bunga Bunga!

Namazu is far away from Europe? Think again, today a 5.9 magnitude hit Nothern Italy, an article here.  Well, so far it seems not that worse like the earthquake of L’Aquila in 2009, the Prime Minister won’t make fun of it this time at least. More good news, the rather near nuclear power plant Caorso was shut down in 1990 already, a new referendum three months after 3/11 spoiled the plans of Berlusconi & Friends to re-animate la forza Italia nucleare in 2013. The bad news, L’Aquila is still far from normal, the recovery goes far slower than necessary. Why? The promised 15 billion Euros by the Gouverment and the other funds drain partially in bureaucracy which is infiltrated by the Mafia. La Famiglia rules the construction business, too. If you are a member, you pay a normal price for rebuilding your house. If you aren’t, you pay an inofficial extra charge, only greased palms work. Or better, they botch, the quality is often below poor. That’s why that Graffiti says „Also the light seems to die, in the uncertain shadow of a becoming“.

UPDATE: Of course the referendum of 2011 was not the very last word spoken in the debate about nuclear energy in Italy, the lobby works on getting back in business. A risky business, because protest made in Italy gets more and more violent, just two weeks ago there was an assault on a nuclear manager in Genua.

PS: I forgot to mention that Emilia–Romagna belongs actually to the hood of the Namazu. The river Po – which is the nothern border of the region – is full of really, really, really giant catfish. I wonder if they went nervous today, the monsters sized species has that 6th sense for earthquakes, too…

Fruit of the Doom

A tree of knowledge in a former garden of Eden, now guess the fruit:

Bansho Miura shot this citrons in the zone around Fukukshima. Like I know, 6 months ago, so it could be a frost damage, too. And there are actually nasty mites and fungi which can cause such deformations. But number, size and the structure of the leaves are most unusual, that looks more like a mutation to me. That plants simply grow giant because of radiation is most naive Sciene Fiction, the run riot instead. Well, the original citrus species from Asia actually look odd and even monstrously, like Buddha’s Hand. But I’ve digged through loads of local variations, this fruits come closest to the ordinary Citrus medica, just not a healthy one. The look of a fruit is one thing, its content another, read a little report of Iori Mochizuki about fallout fruits here. What are the odds that these fruits here don’t show symptoms of frost or fungi, but the contamination in the zone? I can’t help it, they remind me to Biollante and I wouldn’t eat them, even Eve herself would try to tease me to, the fall of mankind isn’t worth that sin… now forget about the fig leaf and get a Namazu-e-shirt!