Beware of the Chlob!

Long time no see, huh? Well, it was too frustrating to post any of the many bad news from Japan. Like the new gouverment which rethinks nuclear energy vice versa again or the fish which burries the needle of the Geiger counters.  And Namazu’s activity went to an rather average level again, so nobody is listening to fair warnings anyway. Today there was a magnitude 6.2 in Japan and a rather disturbing report from Fukushima that proofs that nothing is normal at all, here you go.  Got it? While other kids cosplay elegant Manga/Anime characters, the ones in „the Zone“ actually become the Blob.  But not of the funny burlesque kind shown in the video above. Involuntary couch potatoes, either by house arrest or being afraid of going outside, no matter if there’s nuclear winter or summer. Even more frustrating, gaining fat indoor has no real positive side effect, because „IT“ is in the air, the water, the food, everywhere. What will these kids become in the half life of Caesium? Oversized cysts, half man, half sofa, watching the repetive „March 11 2041: Now it’s really half that worse!“ reports over and over again, munching potatoe chips? The radioactiv Blob is a real double horror feature… it creeps and leaps and glides and slides across the floor right through the kitchen door!

Enter the Dragon, but mind the gap

Well, the Year of the Dragon is said to be a year of luck. The 1st day wasn’t promising, look how it started here. Yes, with an earthquake with magnitude 7.0 (or 6.8, depending on the source).  But wait, the zodiac (Water)Dragon starts on the 23rd January, maybe Namazu will be restrained by a spell then. Like in the artwork above by Leo Ogawa, his blog entry about that fantastic CGI here. Remember, 3/11 can happen again every moment. And there are still 330.000 people homeless…

Horror a la Chef

Jörg „Butti“ Buttgereit and Martin Trafford did post this page of their webcomic on October the 27th:

Well, that was fiction, now how about some reality? Click the pic: Weiterlesen