Beware of the Chlob!

Long time no see, huh? Well, it was too frustrating to post any of the many bad news from Japan. Like the new gouverment which rethinks nuclear energy vice versa again or the fish which burries the needle of the Geiger counters.  And Namazu’s activity went to an rather average level again, so nobody is listening to fair warnings anyway. Today there was a magnitude 6.2 in Japan and a rather disturbing report from Fukushima that proofs that nothing is normal at all, here you go.  Got it? While other kids cosplay elegant Manga/Anime characters, the ones in „the Zone“ actually become the Blob.  But not of the funny burlesque kind shown in the video above. Involuntary couch potatoes, either by house arrest or being afraid of going outside, no matter if there’s nuclear winter or summer. Even more frustrating, gaining fat indoor has no real positive side effect, because „IT“ is in the air, the water, the food, everywhere. What will these kids become in the half life of Caesium? Oversized cysts, half man, half sofa, watching the repetive „March 11 2041: Now it’s really half that worse!“ reports over and over again, munching potatoe chips? The radioactiv Blob is a real double horror feature… it creeps and leaps and glides and slides across the floor right through the kitchen door!

1 Girl 1 Cup

Got cream for my tea?

Mama Monster strikes again, one of her tecups got sold for $ 14.600 for Japan, the whole story here. No, wait, there’s still some vital information missing, the better half is here. Now tell me: How much is it to ship a rubber bracelet including the envelope? Even without postage flatrate and quantity discount not more than $ 1.50 or $ 2 in the USA, I guess. You now it from eBay, small item, big shipping, bad romance. And even she did actally ship it deluxe, the postal services made profit from that and she had priceless promotion for the money of other people. Different day, same shit, the item she did donate now has an real value of… let’s say, $ 40. And what are the odds, her Asia tour starts next week. The benefit is bullshit, too. Why support guest students from Japan if there is still so much suffering in Japan? Many refugees still life in camps, many more have lost everything. Remember: A house in „the zone“ is not even worth a single Yen anymore. For the owner, mortgages are still valid, no insurance pays for that. The residents on Minamisoma are allowed to come back now, but in a ghost town. Short: This kind of charity sucks, rather make yourself a Namazu-e-shirt and donate $ 5 to Bansho Miura’s HEART CARE RESCUE. Well, I had to trick Google to translate the contact info, but maybe it’s just facebook acting strange with Fukushima info: Weiterlesen

Same shit, different Earth Day

Maybe you have noticed the Google Doodle of today, a time lapse of blooming flowers.  But Earth Day isn’t about spring and gardening, it’s about robber economy and pollution. Short: Greed, the sin that enrages Namazu most. In the USA, April is earthquake preparedness month, especially in California, a TV report here. Err, an earthquake insurance? Sounds like a good idea first, but this is more an informercial. Who would offer an insurance to people in such a high risk area? The big one from 1906 caused a insurers crash, where’s the profit in that? In the casualties. Will there be more at the expected big one? Of course, the density of population did raise in the last century, a 15 times in general. And there’s much more industry and so there will be more fires. Not to speak of the nuclear power plants north and south of LA County. This will multiply the collateral damage and the casualties. Dead people can’t claim a policy, so the formula will work, rest in profit. The insurance business is that way, just think of the death bets.

Japanese Spring

Don’t say Goodbye, don’t say they didn’t try:

Democracy made in Japan. Read more about this subversive documentary on RADIOACTIVISTS.ORG. You can order the DVD for a few Euros, you can look or ask for a screening near you, there is just everything you need. By the way, don’t forget to make yourself a Namazu-e-shirt!