The 1000 Faces of Namazu (Contest)

Well, after some delays our little (cat)fish face (paint) contest is over. My Mrs. Namazu and I had a long debate who’s entry is the best. We needed three rounds until we came to a decision which face made the most points in half a dozen criteria. I still feel it’s unfair and would like to give every contestant a prize, but unfortunally I really can’t afford it. Quick and easy, the Namazu-e-shirt goes to… *drumroll*


Congratulations, your prize will be shipped ASAP to Japan.

To all the other brave contestants: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING PART! Please don’t feel like losers, didn’t we had some fun at least? And if you still want a Namazu-e-shirt, you can download the file and get one for a few bucks at our local copy / textile print shop. So please don’t be sad, here’s a symbolic booby prize, a song by the Loch Ness monsters of Rock, especially for YOU:

  1. Mistrocity
  2. Code716
  3. Lyeolia
  4. Cotton-Candie
  5. Krythena
  6. Alxias
  7. Menschenhautkonfetti (Self portrait)
  8. Hochmut
  9. kimM3H102
  10. dezbah
  11. plain-x-jayne
  12. Black-White-Panda (shot by Platyfish)
  13. Triplebulle

3 Antworten zu “The 1000 Faces of Namazu (Contest)

  1. strangesteven1980 ⋅

    I simply LOVE face painting! Do you know James Kuhn?

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